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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pazzles or Cricut Expression...

I have been asked today in a comment left on my blog which machine I prefer... the Cricut Expression or the Pazzles. I love them both equally. I know that is not a fair statement as you probably think I would like one over the other. To me, the machines are totally different in how they can be used.

The Cricut is cartridge based and while you can design with Design Studio, it is... and probably always will be... a cartridge based system. I have over 40 cartridges that can be used with the Cricut. The cuts are all designed by Provo Craft and I love the simplicity of using the Cricut by just popping in a cartridge, selecting the object to be cut, and cutting files to use to make a quick card or layout.

The Pazzles allows me to create (draw) my own designs in a vector type format. I love designing my own projects and being able to use any font that is available. The free font and dingbat files that are available all over the internet makes it really easy to create unique titles and cuts.  It is also very easy to import clipart and have the program trace the image to allow cutting.  I love the versitility of the machine.

I would not give up either machine at this point as I use them both differently and for different reasons. If I were looking to buy one and not interested in designing my own files, I would certainly go with the Cricut. One thing to consider is that cartridges can get expensive. If others have an opinion, please post it here so others can get different points of views on both machines. Happy Day!!!!


Lana said...

Hi Brenda,
I only just found your blog.
I also have the expression and recently the pazzle. I would certainly agree they are both different machines in wonderful ways.
I find the cricut can be great if I know what cut I want and away you go but the carts are especially expensive over in the UK.
The pazzle has so many capabilities but sometimes I find myself just playing around in awe what it can actually do!!! lol
I have recently put some of my carts up for sale but intended to keep my machine however I am now having second thoughts.
Lana x

GW said...

I found your blog while searching for more users' firsthand info on the Cricut Expressions since I just ordered one from our local independent scrapbook store. You mention being limited to cartridges with a Cricut.

Have you heard of "Sure Cuts A Lot" software? I just learned of it last week. It is a third-party solution which lets you cut font files on your Cricut. I've been reading a lot on the message boards at the developer's site and there is a very active and very helpful community there. Check them out! :) Craftedge.com is the address.

I intend to make it my next purchase before I even think about getting more cartridges. It's the main reason I decided on the Cricut since I know several local scrappers who own them and are very happy with their cutting performance.

If I could afford a Pazzle, I'd love to have one for the embossing and other functions it performs. But I'm very excited to be getting my Cricut!

GW said...

I meant to say that Sure Cuts A Lot will cut vector drawings. People use another app called Inkscape to create them, but I would think any vector creation program would be of use.

Mayflower said...

HI Brenda I love the card you posted today the christmas trees and santa its beautifl I love the trifold and I really liked the way you did it so colorful just lovely.. I just started a blog too I took forever to figure it out its fun. Take care and really enjoy seeing your cards keep doing what your doing.

Cat said...

Thanks for giving your opinion on both machines. I went ahead and purchased the Cricut since I am new to the die cutting machines and wanted something simple with the designs thought out for me. I will be posting my creations on my blog and following yours for ideas. I have to watch the DVD before I start creating though. Stop by sometime and let me know what you think. Thanks!

brendylev said...

My friend has the Cricut, but then I saw the Pazzle at a 2007 scrapbook expo. I decided to save up my money and buy the new Pazzle Inspiration at the expo this past May as I mainly use it for titles and simple shapes. I love being able to cut any TT font.

Yes, it's a lot of money up front--I estimate that I've spent about $700 for the machine, extra blades and mats and some fonts from scrapnfonts.com in the past 6 months. I've also gotten a lot of free fonts from several other sites too.

However, I compare that to my friend who has a Cricut and at least 20-30 cartridges at a total cost of at least $1,000 to $1,500. I figure that I saved money!

Plus I don't think I have the patience for "piecing". LOL! :)

It's all a matter of preference and I'm definitely still in the learning stage.

Froggy said...

I have both, just recently got the pazzles. I have been told to cut out each shape on a cart in black then scan it into the computer and load it in pazzles..then i can have the best of both worlds...

on the sure cuts using it does void your warranty with provo and provo does keep trying to block the program with each update.

I think i will stick with pazzles and keep the expression for now with the 12 carts i kept. I sold the rest and made enough to pay for my pazzle..LOL

Anonymous said...

I am trying to decide between the Cricut Expression and Pazzles Inspiration cutter system. I am new to this so I have never used either one. I mainly want to cut fabric shapes and so my own stamps but certain the paper shapes would be useful also. I also plan to connect to the computer. I realize with the Cricut I would also have to buy separate software package Sure Cuts a lot.
Please give me some guidance if you could. Thanks

Brens Designs said...

I know others have used both the Cricut and the Pazzles to cut fabric. I also know you can get a stamp making kid for the cricut. I'm not sure which one would be better at either of these options. Maybe someone with more experience cutting fabric could post their comments here. Sorry I am not much help.

Anonymous said...

I love the Cricut and Sure cuts a lot! Much cheaper than Pazzles only need one cartridge and can use any true type font and dingbats too. Inkscape program is a FREE download lots of blogs with tons of helpful people and free svg files to use. My sister in law has the pazzles machine and is always here to use my cricut too.
Just love it!

Anonymous said...

I am also new to Cricut, but have already spent a ton. I love the machine -- I will never be able to take advantage of all that it will do -- but, I am a Mac only user. I have access to about 10 PC's at my husband's firm, but I hate to have to go up there to work on my cards,etc. The Cricut software will only work on PC's. While there is a great buy right now, I am going to have to get Sure Cuts Alot to access all the free WPC files out there.

Marife said...

i ran across your website and found more interesting....i learn more for different opinions share. Thanks for the great ideas share. we will come back often.


Atlanta Mom said...

I cannot imagine having to lug my computer in my scrap area and boot it up every time I want to cut something!

Love the cricut and the carts. Yes, buying carts can get out of hand (I have 10), but I just like the simplicity of it all.