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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pazzles WPC File ... Birthday Purse

My granddaughter turned 16 on November 12 and I decided to make a purse to put her gifts in. Jen C. from the Cricut board had one on her blog for the Cricut and I decided to create the purse as 24 inch with my Pazzles. Well... I created the file and did not have sturdy enough paper to actually work well with that size so I recreated as a 9" purse. Below you will find pictures of the purse and the WPC file for both sizes.

If you are looking for beautiful Cut files that will work with your Cricut machine, visit Jen C's blog. She is amazingly talented and her blog is awesome. http://jensbrainthings.blogspot.com/

Here is a picture of the front of the purse...

Here is the inside of the purse... I loaded the paper upside down on the mat in order to have it fit perfectly.

Here is a picture and a link to the 9" WPC file. Please only use for personal use. Thanks.
9 in purse WPC file: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ggm1ogttgn

Here is a picture and link to the 24" WPC file. Please only use for personal use. Thanks.

24 inch purse WPC file: http://www.mediafire.com/?zgvgmglqjwg


sarahwms said...

What a NEAT idea! I have a couple of nieces that are turning 7 that I know would just love their very own "purse"! THANKS for the pattern!

Anne said...

What an adorable purse! But how the heck did Erica get to be 16 already?!?!

Vicki said...

I really like what you did. What does WPC file mean though?



maliburita56 said...

Hello...just want to say thanks for the purse pattern. However, I am at a loss. When I went to save it to my pc, it doesn't recognize the WPC file extension. What do I need to use to open this file? Thanks for any information anyone can provide...I'm fairly new at this.


Brens Designs said...

maliburita56... The purse file on my blog is for the Pazzles Machine. If you are looking for it for the Cricut machine, go to http://jensbrainthings.blogspot.com
Jen has a ton of beautiful cut files available.