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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cut File - ConGRADulations

I posted this layout last year on the Cricut Board. I noticed folks on the Cricut Board have been looking for graduation ideas and files so thought I would upload the cut file for the ConGRADulations title here for others to use.

The idea for this file came from a Pazzles file shared by Dale Stafferahn. I decided I wanted to try and create the file using my DS and Cricut. I added a big circle from George and used Jasmine and placed the letters around the circle, welded the ones I wanted welded, and then deleted the circle. The Graduation cap was done using Locker Talk. I think Okie Ladybug has a cap and gown on her blog that uses George.

Below is the layout which shows what the title looks like. The cut file has cuts for 2007 - 2010 as the years available.

This cut file is to be used for Personal Use Only. Thanks! Here is the cut file for the ConGRADulations Title.

Here is the CUT file for download.