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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Squirrel Proof - NOT!!!

I went and bought a new Squirrel Proof bird feeder as the old one had been damaged by the squirrels trying to get to the food. They even ate through the plastic of the old one. As you can see, the new one didn't deter them much either. The little thief figured out how to get the seed out.

I used paper from the Penny Lane stack and DCWV textured cardstock for the layout. My goal is to continue using cartridges I seldom use and for this one I used...

Campout for Squirrel on the word Not
Animal Kingdom for the Squirrl at the top
Base Camp for the title
Used some fur I had for the Squirrel tail

This is my last January 2010 layout!!! Woohoo!!! Keeping up so far this year!


Brenda said...

awww I love the tail you added!!! Awsome layout! I bought a feeder for my squirrel's but they still come up for the bird seed.

Melissa said...

OMGoodness Brenda! That is absolutely adorable! LOVE how you did his tail! :-)


Jan Allen said...

Great layout! We, too, had a supposedly squirrel-proof feeder. Little buggers shinnied right up the pole! This year we spent WAY more than we should have on a feeder that is guaranteed squirrel-proof. The ring which serves as the perch is weighted and motorized so if a squirrel gets on it, it will spin him off. Looked great in the promo videos. Squirrels won't go near it! So, I guess it is working.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the tail! So cute!

Have you tried a baffle for your bird feeder? That was the only thing I could ever find to work. It attaches to the pole under the bird feeder and the squirrels can't climb up the pole. Of course, it only works if you keep it away from any trees where the squirrel could just jump down out of the tree onto the feeder :)


Wife2TJ said...

very cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tail!!! :-)

Audrey Frelx said...

What a cute layout! I love the idea that you used fur for the tail too!
My hubby tries to take care of the birds but has a problem with the squirrels too! You and he will have to try the baffle "Summer Rose Scrapbooks" suggested.

Anyway, great job! As usual.

I'll be seeing you!

Brenda said...

Had to come by and personally thank you for your visits at my blog and comments!!

Anonymous said...

I love the tail! Thanks so much for sharing.

carriedan1 said...

I love that LO- the tail is so cute! Squirrels can be such a pain!