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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cancer Center

I've had a few emails and PM's about my progress so thought I would post it here. Yesterday I had my appointment at the cancer center.  I certainly found out how blessed I have been. The type of breast cancer I had was Negative Estrogen Receptor and the size was 1 centimeter.  This type of breast cancer is not as treatable as the Estrogen type. Just goes to show how God played into all of this. My surgeon decided to aspirate a fluid filled cyst and went below the cyst and pulled out some tissue to biopsy.  The fact that the spot was so small and he got a piece of the cancerous tissue is amazing to me.  I do feel very, very blessed.

I now have to see the radiologist to find out whether they feel I need radiation treatments or not.  The full body scan I had before surgery shows that I have a spot on my left hip that I will be having a PET scan in a couple of weeks to assure us it is not cancer.  My oncologist does not think it is but wants to be sure.  ME TOO!   I am also going to have genetic testing in order to inform my children/grandchildren of their risks of this stupid disease.

Anyway... I was really nervous about this visit and everyone was so kind that it went really well.  At least now I'm on the pathway to the rest of the story and I pray the path just get better and better. 

Gotta go make a card for my granddaughter's 18th birthday tomorrow.  Hard to believe she is that old and it will be fun making this card.  Hugs to you all!!!


Brenda said...

keeping you in prayer!

VeronicaA said...

As always, God is in complete control. Continue to allow His spirit to rest, rule and abide in your heart during this and all times. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you are on your path of recovery...I missed an appointment scheduled by my family physician (following a second mammogram) with a breast surgeon this morning because of fear of the unknown. Your comment about undergoing genetic testing in order that your children/grandchildren know their risks of possibly facing the disease made me think twice about my family too. I have a call to make to reschedule my appointment tomorrow. Thank you!

Shawn Mosch said...

I will keep you in my thoughts . . . keep fighting!


Margaret said...


Thank you for the update! I am keeping you in prayer! Stay strong & positive!!

How is your DH?

Saints Rule! said...

Keeping you in prayer and thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity!

Anonymous said...

I am sending you prayers across the pond.
You are in my thoughts