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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a difference a short time makes...

I've been sitting here this morning looking at all of the beautiful cards that I have received. I am still kinda numb mentally due to how fast everything happened due to this awful, dreaded Breast Cancer disease. I honestly don't know how well I would have dealt with this without my crafting friends.  You all have helped both me and my hubby feel so blessed.

Today I go to the surgeon's office and hopefully, they can remove the three bags that I have hanging from my body.  Those things seem to be so much in the way and make the exercises that are necessary more difficult.  I think I will feel so much more free once they are gone and the rest will heal in time. I so miss crafting and hope that next week I'll start being able to do a bit.

Things I have learned about this disease is that people are so afraid to discuss the fact that I had my tata's removed.  I have had friends ask me if it makes me feel less of a woman.  WHAT!?!!!!  No way.  I told them that I think in the US we put way to much emphasis on breasts being a sexual item and that in many other countries they are considered a nurturing tool for feeding children.  I think sometimes we get way too worried about aging and parts of our bodies and what makes us whole.  For me - God, life, family and friends make me whole. The wrinkles and lack of breasts don't alter who I am at all inside - only outside. 

I know I can have reconstruction surgery in time and at this point, I just want to heal and decide that later on.  Maybe I can be another Dolly!  hehe!!!  I'm 5'2" - 125 lbs so probably wouldn't be able to stand up with the EEE size.

I'm not sure what God's plan for me is; but, I want to help others in some way.  I know the answers will come as I continue through this journey. 

Anyway... Mostly just thinking out loud this morning.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!!


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful attitude. I pray that you will heal quickly and be back to crafting very soon!

Anonymous said...

You are so inspirational. Gentle hugs :-) and hope you are feeling great soon.
carolyn in nebraska


Love you Bren! I think as we get in our 50's, I am heading towards my late 50's, our looks just don't matter as much, it is our health. Best of health to you! barb

Margaret said...

Brenda! Thanks for the post. Hope the bags are gone!! and high hopes that you are having a wonderful day!!


Lisa said...

God is blessing you and I know you are a blessing to so many others!
I am still keeping you and hubby in my prayers, I think it is a habit now! Love to you and your dear ones.

Cardian Angel/Wanda said...

Bren, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have such a positive attitude--what a blessing you are to others. Wishing you a speedy and successful recovery. Hugging you with prayer!!

Regina Easter said...

Hi Brenda, oh my, I didn't know you were going through all of this....I will be saying a special prayer for you tonight...Praise the Lord that the surgery is done....hugs

Ladybug said...

Glad to hear that you're recouping fine. I will still continue to send prayers up for you!!

Creative Critter said...

Brenda! So happy to hear you are mending! I would hate those tubes too! I remember when my MIL went through this and I would help her after surgery... ugh! Happy that you are getting rid of yours so quickly! I think my MIL had hers for a week or so!

I got your pm on the messageboard! I'm crying too! I'll send you a pm back tomorrow!

Big (careful) hugz to you... and I would love to move next to you! LOL! But, I think my hubby might protest! :-)

Margaret said...

Brenda, here's hoping you are having a good day!

Hugs, blessings & prayers!