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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking for Food... Poor Thing

Here in Michigan we have had a Blizzard Warning posted and this poor little fella is feeling the results.  We have gotten about a foot of snow - but mostly the drifts are what seem to be causing problems for everyone. We have some 3 ft drifts around our yard but mostly where we don't have to walk so not too worried about them.  I did have to shovel snow before daylight as our little dog needed out and she couldn't get through the snow.  This little guy could sure show her how to do it...  Poor little fella.

I have been scrapping a bit lately and will be adding pics of my cards and layouts sometime today.  Hugs to you all and I hope everyone stays safe and warm.



Oh poor baby. Stay warm! Thank you again sooooo very much for your gorgeous card. It really lifted my spirits!! xoxoxo barb

Diana Joy said...

That's an amusing picture...great shot.

Audrey Frelx said...

I hate you have to shovel snow!!! Be careful!!!

Awwww, that poor little thing -- I hope he finds food and gets to some shelter!

I'm having the same problem with my little Buster. The snow was taller than he was. I had to clear a space for him -- after my hubby had to climb out the window to clear off our front and back porches just to get the doors open! LOL!

You take care and be very careful with that shovelling; or, unless you just have to, don't do it!!!

Sheena said...

Awe :( poor little guy. Stay warm!

Libby Beach said...

Oh no!! Poor little guy!! :(

Brenda said...

awww poor lil thing...stay warm hun!