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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Entry for CC Blog Contest

I had to have a picture of me taken in my craft room to enter the CCBlog's contest.  Here is the one my hubby took...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother-In-Law's Mother's Day Card

Good Morning all.  I have had some issues healthwise so have not been doing much crafting for awhile. No big deal, just learning that being a tom boy is not always a great thing when you have muscles that have been messed with due to surgery.  I lifted 85 bags of top soil due to filling in our ornamental ponds and have dearly paid for that move.  DUH!  I've always been pretty strong and just assumed I could do all that I have always done.  I guess after sitting most of the winter and not doing any heavy work, I need to learn to gradually build my body back up.  I had an ultra sound yesterday due to the surgeon wanting to make sure the pain is not due to infection or anything else going on.  I will see him in a week and one-half and may end up with some therapy sessions to help get back in shape.  The pain has been such that even taking a shower has hurt like the dickens.  Live and Learn!!! Geez!!!  O-well... Enough about me - I actually got some crafting done today...

I was with my hubby in Meijer yesterday and started to pick up a card for his mom.  He looked at me like I was totally crazy and said "No, she loves the cards you make and you need to make one for her if you can."  Well, I knew he was right and decided I best get busy.  Aside from that - cards cost a small fortune and some are just not that pretty!!!  Mine may not be the best, but they are made with heart!  Anyway...

I used the new Cricut Craftroom to layout this card and it worked great other than it kept forgetting that the cartridges were in the machine and I had to keep removing and reinstalling the carts.  Geez!  That is really a minor thing and I'm sure they will get this fixed soon.  I really think most people are really going to like the new program.  So far, everything I have given feedback about has been fixed or added in short order.  Wonderful!!!

The items used for the card are as follows:

Co'erdinations Glimmer paper
Bazill dotted swiss paper
George - for the card base and overlays on the base
Country Life for the Watering can (altered by cutting off the flowers that are on the cut)
Mother's Day Bouquet for the flowers (multi-cut different sizes, chalked and put together)
The senitment was done in Word